Larry Watson’s “Montana 1948”

This paper discusses the meaning of all the guns in Larry Watson’s “Montana 1948”.


This paper examines the meaning of each gun of the many guns as they come in and out of David Hayden’s life in Larry Watson’s “Montana 1948″. The author points out that, although each of the guns has an individual meaning, the one constant theme is protection. The paper states that the one unvarying thing in David Hayden’s young life is that there always are guns all around him.


It is one of the guns in Julian’s arsenal makes it’s presence during a family trip to Minneapolis. After returning from the bar, Wes tells Gail that Pop has pulled out that .32 revolver of his” to let “the city boy” know he is not intimidated by what he was saying (74). Julian tries to protect the boots that he loves, his life as a rancher, being an outsider in this town and being a lawman during this confrontation. David interprets the meaning of Wes’s story to be that the “.32 revolver” that Julian had served as protection for the Hayden’s way of life in Montana.”


The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry .


This paper is a personal essay and review of O. Henry’s short story “The Gift of the Magi”.


This paper explains that, to the reader, O. Henry’s short story “The Gift of the Magi” is the most amazing story he has ever read; its irony and concept was beautiful and real. The author points out that this short story shows him that all you really need is the feeling of love; you don’t need gifts because they can turn around and bite you in the long run. The paper relates the story of the “The “Dillingham” who are not very wealthy but deeply in love and who sell their treasures, her hair and his watch, to give each other a Christmas gift.


So Jim walks in and stares and stares at Della, not because he is mad, but more like a shocking kind of look. You’ll never believe this. Della explains why she had done what she did, reason being she wouldn’t be able to live if she didn’t get her husband a present for Christmas. Jim was in no way mad at her, but like I said, just in shock. Jim pulls out a package of his own, and remember she bought him a chain for his wristwatch, and she cut all of her hair off for that chain, he pulls out a top of the line comb set as a gift for Della. That’s when Della realizes the look he had on his face was for a reason. The two, I feel are in disbelief and decide to just put the gifts away and continue on to eating dinner because the gifts were to valuable to just be presents for one another.


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