Air Traffic Control Communication


This paper explains that the entire system of air traffic management is dependent upon the accountabilities of pilots on board and the air traffic controllers, who are dependent upon the data displayed and acquired from their computer screens, dials and gauges simultaneously being ratified by their insights of past experience and pre determined operational guidelines. The author points out that, although English is acknowledged as the international language in the aviation history, many pilots present problems of dialects, accents and interpretations, which have resulted in crashes. The paper relates that efficient communication will go a long way in guaranteeing secured air travel; advanced technology is now being launched and rules are being slackened to render the pilots and air controllers greater freedom. Includes a power point presentation.

From the Paper:

“The confusion resulting in misinterpretations of the terminologies lead to visualization of different objects other than those it indicates to. The lack of proficiency in the English language is noticed both among the Air Traffic Controller and the pilots the United States. However, it is not confined only to the foreign pilots. It is also essential in case of the US pilots flying across the other nations and facing the controlling crews of other nationalities, to effectively comprehend the short, disconnected and unintelligible English communications similar to the expectations of the proficiency in English by the foreign pilots. (Guest Editorial: Barriers to Effective Communication: Implications for the Cockpit) Moreover, the fact of deficiency of the foreign pilots in the English Language and their confinement to some of the standard aviation phraseologies must be acknowledged.”

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